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The Strictly Spanish Blog

Know Your Audience: One Language Holds Many Voices

3/27/2018 by Sara Leonhartsberger

Often when businesses are considering translation for marketing, employee correspondence, or education materials, they consider the work to be from one language to the other. If the document must be translated, it will be from English to Spanish or any other language pair; that is the concrete definition of the process. However, like businesses intuitively realize in the host language, language is not composed of a singular voice; depending on region, variation within a language abounds. When translating any materials, an adapt translator—and business—will keep these factors in the forefront of translation decisions.

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Transcreation: A Pivotal yet Unacknowledged Act within Translation

3/2/2018 by Sara Leonhartsberger

While the concept of language translation (the act of transferring information from one language to another) is widely known, the element of transcreation within translation is often obscure to those outside the translation industry. Transcreation refers to the act of developing alternate phrasing in the target language to convey the same meaning as the source language; while this is a common element in translation, some forms of translation require more transcreation than others when the original meaning faces a greater risk of obscurity. Some areas that offer frequent opportunities for transcreation are marketing slogans, rhyming text, and idioms.

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