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The Strictly Spanish Blog

Stick with What You Know Best: Specialization in Translation

8/2/2017 by Sara Leonhartsberger

Within the vast translation industry, translators utilize specialization to highlight their aptitude for certain projects. While specialization may refer to language pairs, such as English to Spanish, another aspect of specialization is subject-matter. Subject-matter pertains to the technical terms, practices, and format found in professions or topics, such as the medical field or law firms. Professions like these often seem to have a language of their own, requiring developed skills to understand the terminology in the source language even before translation. In acknowledgement of this fact, translators often choose to specialize in certain fields, possessing knowledge of both the field’s terminology and the language in which the text is to be translated. Specialization in both language pairs and subject matter ensures quality translations and thoroughness to a translator’s work.

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