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English to Spanish Translation

Spanish Website Translation & Localization

Strictly Spanish provides English to Spanish website translation and localization services for both educational and commercial sites. Your Spanish-speaking visitors are more likely to return to your website and use your services when they can read your information in the language that they are the most familiar and comfortable with. Hispanics have emerged as a giant force in online shopping. According to recent studies, U.S. Hispanics are spending 55% of their time using the internet in Spanish, rather than English. As a result, many companies and organizations have decided to translate their websites into Spanish in order to reach the growing Hispanic market in the United States.

Let us assist you by professionally translating your website or online content from English to Spanish. We are very familiar with this process and have assisted hundreds of organizations like yours throughout the U.S.

Our Spanish Translation Process for Websites

  1. We engage our clients in a discussion to evaluate if it is in their best interest to translate an entire website into English and create a mirror Spanish website or to start off translating selected sections of the site.
  2. We determine with our client's web developer the best way to get the web content that is to be translated. We usually exchange this information through email using .html, .doc, .rtf, and .xls files.
  3. Once we have the files, Strictly Spanish develops a Spanish translation cost and budget. We then establish a workflow and schedule for delivering the translated materials back to our client’s web developer.
  4. Strictly Spanish returns the translated files back to our client’s web developer. The client’s web developer inserts the translations and uploads it to the client's website.
  5. Strictly Spanish tests the Spanish website to insure accuracy and that all the links work. We work with the client’s web developer during this phase.
  6. We establish a workflow with our client for additions and revisions to their website that will occur in the future.

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the power of partnership
It was a pleasure working with Strictly Spanish. It is refreshing to find such a friendly and competent group to work with. The entire web translation process was smooth and efficient, it's obvious that you know what you are doing. This is our first website in a language other than English. When we do another one, you will be the ones we go to for translation services.
Vincent Coppola
Laurus Development Inc.
Irving, New York
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