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More than Translations: Available Services through Language Providers

When considering required services, businesses contemplate what services a translations agency can offer. Is the only service offered by a translations agency full document translation, or are there other elements within the agency better suited for the business’s purposes? To answer this question, one can begin by recognizing an alternate title for translations agency—language providers. Language providers encompass more than translation; a myriad of linguistic elements is included within this term, some of which will be described in the following list.

  1. Language Localization – Language is adapted to best reach the desired audience. With Spanish, regional colloquialisms and phrases vary across the Spanish-speaking nations; a language provider will be able to form a Spanish message addressing target audience language preferences.

  2. Language Revitalization – Language is always evolving, the language of today scarcely resembling the language of past years or decades. Depending on the industry, language may need updates and revision at a rapid rate. Language providers can update terminology and phrases to reflect the ever-changing word, taking an older document and renewing its language. This practice can also save a business money, strengthening an old framework instead of creating an entirely new document.

  3. Language Revision – Instead of requiring a full document translation, some businesses desire another pair of eyes looking over a translated document, making revisions to best represent the business. Language providers are responsible for this revision, trained eyes scanning through materials and lending their expertise to the final product.

Although not all-encompassing, the above list provides an idea of what additional services language providers offer. Far from only translations, language providers involve themselves in all aspects of language, ensuring each element is professionally handled. In their hands, language is cultivated to reflect businesses’ message clearly and effectively.  

Laura Leonhartsberger